10/6/2016: How much have I spent on my house so far?

A few people in the hood are about to start major renovations. A few others are looking to buy a house and join in our neighborhood shenanigans.


So I’ve been getting some questions lately about how much stuff costs. Like a basement. Or new kitchen. Or central air. We bought our house in 2009 so I thought now would be a good time to tally up how much we’ve spent so far. Probably gonna totally regret this at the end but whatever.

We closed on the house June 29th, 2009 and spent all of July fixing it up. Previous owners had lived here for 35 years. We put on a new roof, painted the interior, re-finished the floors, added built-ins to the office, moved some doors around and fixed all the non-working windows. This is the living room the day we closed. Total $25k.

142 Randlett old living room

Next we finished the basement. We installed a French drain, finished the rec room and added a full bath. Total $38k. Before pic.

142 randlett basement



Basement after

Then Management went and got pregnant so we added central air. Total $10k.


Next up was the front stairs.

front step construction

Total $12k.


Then the big one: the kitchen & mudroom addition.

142 kitchen

Total $120k.


Backyard got nuked during construction so we did that this summer. New walkway & patio. Total $8,500.


Replacing this old thing with a tankless. Total $5,000.


For those of you not so good at the math, that puts us around $220k since 2009. Yikes you guys. Thank god for home equity which made most of the big stuff happen. Really hoping there’s not another big project in our future.





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