9/21/2016: Backyard Mission Accomplished

Remember in 2003 when George W landed on that aircraft carrier and declared Mission Accomplished?

George W. Bush


Flew in on a fighter jet and everything. I was like is this CNN or Top Gun? Only thing missing was Kenny Loggins singin about takin it right into the danger zone.


Even though I have a ways to go on my backyard, I’m gonna go ahead and say Mission Accomplished.


Damn if doesn’t feel good. Job completed or not. I mean 3 weeks ago this is what I working with.


Yeah I gotta plant some bushes and flowers and stuff. But for now, put my name on that plaque cause Mission Accomplished you guys.




One thought on “9/21/2016: Backyard Mission Accomplished

  1. Guterman, Myrna

    Congratulations! It looks great! Keep it watered. I lost two new plants because I did not notice them drooping. I have two very old Rose of Sharon (probably from 1926) and they keep on going. Myrna

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