9/30/2016: Matt Callahan (109 Randlett) crushing it at San Diego State

Everybody knows that the Callahan household is a factory for college soccer players. Matt’s a senior co-captain for the Aztecs at San Diego State and was named Man of the Match for his goal in the 67th minute against Oregon State. They played to a 1-1 draw.

Matt transferred from Northeastern which is just so smart you guys. Going from Boston to San Diego for college. Wish that move had been in my playbook 20, I mean 10 years ago.

Hope Mom & Dad are getting out west for a lot of Matt’s games.

SOCCER: San Diego State v Memphis

9/30/2016: 154 Randlett for rent at $3,250

Most of you know longtime Randlett Parkers Richard & Jane Malmberg moved several weeks ago. Well the house is empty and now for rent. 4 beds/3.5 baths and 2,700 sq/ft. One of the biggest houses on the street.

If I’m being real we’re gonna need better photos. This is America’s Favorite Street you guys. I mean get me, Party Tina, her giant camera and a sixer of Coors in here and see what we do. Besides crush the beers I bet we get 1 or 2 nice real estate photos.






9/23/2016: New house going up at 30 Rangeley Rd

You may have noticed a large hole in the ground at 30 Rangeley. Well the owners plan to build a new house there. This real estate, not so hard is it you guys?


30 Rangeley is a developable lot owned by the folks next door at the corner of LLewellyn. They’ve owned the 8,300 sq/ft lot for over 35 years. Just pulled permits to build a new single family home. Thank God I’m clairvoyant and can tell you this house will be done next spring. I’m out ✌️️



9/22/2016: $90M house just listed in Brookline

Saw this price and almost spit out my Coors Light. Paul Fireman, the CEO of Reebok, just listed his 14 acre manse in Brookline. Rumor has it this photo had to be taken from space to fit the whole property in the shot.


Place has 24 rooms and is made out of limestone. 8 beds/7 full/5 half baths. 26,000 sq/ft of living space. Um in case you guys aren’t familiar with real estate that’s ginormous.


Taxes are $338,000 annually.


There’s a “horticultural encyclopedia of speciman plantings.” Whatever that means.


Inside is nicer than the MFA.


9/22/2016: 171 Fairway just listed for $899k

171 Fairway is a 5 bed/2.5 bath Cape with 2,200 sq/ft. Updated kitchen and some bathrooms, finished basement and mudroom.  Open houses Saturday & Sunday 12-1:30.



Hope the new neighbors like or at least understand football. I’m trying to bring Christian along you guys. I really am. He read the Blind Side a few years ago but has never actually watched a game. I mean look at what I’m working with here.



9/21/2016: Backyard Mission Accomplished

Remember in 2003 when George W landed on that aircraft carrier and declared Mission Accomplished?

George W. Bush


Flew in on a fighter jet and everything. I was like is this CNN or Top Gun? Only thing missing was Kenny Loggins singin about takin it right into the danger zone.


Even though I have a ways to go on my backyard, I’m gonna go ahead and say Mission Accomplished.


Damn if doesn’t feel good. Job completed or not. I mean 3 weeks ago this is what I working with.


Yeah I gotta plant some bushes and flowers and stuff. But for now, put my name on that plaque cause Mission Accomplished you guys.




9/16/2016: What’s up with 424-432 Cherry St?

Remember this winter when CAN DO was proposing 9 units for homeless families at 424-432 Cherry?

424 Cherry

Think everyone knows it ain’t happening. CAN DO terminated the Purchase & Sale Agreement because of the difference between the appraisal value and the purchase price. Village Bank appraised the property for $1.8M but CAN DO had already agreed to pay the seller $2.5M.

Look I didn’t go to a fancy school in Cambridge. I barely graduated college. Even I know these numbers don’t work.

So what’s up with the property now? It’s back on the market for $2.5M. Don’t expect an update on this place anytime soon you guys.


9/16/2016: Patio lighting for under $100


Putting up patio lighting tonight in the backyard. Does that mean you can come over for drinks? Possibly. Re-posting this blog from 3 years ago on quick & cheap patio lighting.

Cruise to Home Depot

Pick up 4 electrical conduit pipes (10′ feet each, 3/4″ diameter)
1 piece of PVC pipe (5+′ long, 1″ diameter)
4 conduit hangers with bolts (1-2″ long)
4 stainless steel S hooks (1.5-2″ long)
3 cans of Rustoleum spray paint

While you’re there, get some string lights. They come in all sizes and prices but I recommend at least 40-50′ of lighting.

Start by cutting the PVC into four 12″ pieces. PVC is easily cut with a hand saw. Cut the top of each piece straight so you have a level surface to hammer. The bottom should be cut at angle so it can be pushed into the ground more easily.


Decide where you’d like each pole to be along the perimeter of the patio. Using a rubber hammer, pound each piece of PVC into the ground – leaving the top few inches exposed. Make sure the PVC is straight into the ground – otherwise pole will lean. (Doing this during the summer or fall is a lot easier because the ground is soft.)


Attach the conduit hangers to the top of each piece of electrical conduit and put the S hooks (not pictured) through the hole in hanger.


Spray paint conduits, hangers & S hooks with Rustoleum. Watch your background!


Drop conduits into PVC and then string lights from S hooks. Boom. Done.




9/15/2016: 41 Exeter has a better yard than everyone

41 Exeter came on the market last week on W. Newton Hill for $3.450M. This is the backyard.


I mean look at the pool. Are those oak trees? I can’t even you guys.


The front of the house. Looks like the president’s house at some sweet college I couldn’t get into. With all the ivy and stuff.


Is that a fountain? I bet if you’re chillin in one of those chairs the only thing you hear is water. Not your kids. Crying. Whining. Talking. Always with the talking. It’s like WTF are you even talking about anyway?


Probably wouldn’t even allow the kids on this patio. Would ruin the vibe.

9/15/2016: Inflatable Irish pub

Everyone is talking about the inflatable Irish pub. Party Tina. Even my mom.


The Paddy Wagon is a Boston based company that rents out this inflatable Irish pub. Can fit 80 people you guys. Can also come with bartenders, Irish dancers or Irish band. They can even bring an Irish Wolfhound. Thing is from Game of Thrones or something. Look at the dog in the background he’s like oh hell no.


Look you guys know I’ll take it to Cold One City anywhere, anytime. Don’t care if it’s a real pub or somebody inflated it. But this thing. Think we gotta have it gang. No idea how much it costs. Don’t really care. This is why we have credit cards. Somebody make it happen!




9/9/2016: Rebecca Parris coming to Newton this weekend

As most of you guys probably saw in the Tab this week, Rebecca Parris — aka Boston’s First Lady of Jazz — will be performing at Newton South this Sunday. Don’t know much about Rebecca but she’s supposed to be super-talented and sound like Etta James. Performed with famous people all over the world.


You’re probably like um why do I care? Well as an artist myself it’s like a unwritten rule we support each other. Rebecca’s medium is the vocalized word, mine is the written. I’m sure Rebecca enjoys the blog like her album My Foolish Heart speaks to me.

If we were ever to collaborate on something, like say me writing lyrics for her, it would probably be beyond comprehension and borderline on a spiritual experience for listeners. Maybe not for Management. But for most of you guys.

Look everyone knows Rebecca’s talented at jazz and I can blog like a son-of-a-gun. That’s not the point. The point of this blog is I love photos of people posing in/on/behind trees. Gets me everytime.

Like this one. Everyone’s gotten this save the date before. Management opens this and is like Brian & Aly (with one L) are getting married. No shit. They’ve been together for 9 years. I look at this and think I’m gonna take it to 11 at this reception.


Best Christmas card ever? Mom thinks so and so do I.


Is this tree clairvoyant like me? Looks like a smooch is in someone’s future…


Everyone has this photo buried in an old album or shoebox or something. The Sears portrait circa 1981. The one you pray Mom doesn’t bust out on this new website she found called Facebook.