9/30/2016: Matt Callahan (109 Randlett) crushing it at San Diego State

Everybody knows that the Callahan household is a factory for college soccer players. Matt’s a senior co-captain for the Aztecs at San Diego State and was named Man of the Match for his goal in the 67th minute against Oregon State. They played to a 1-1 draw.

Matt transferred from Northeastern which is just so smart you guys. Going from Boston to San Diego for college. Wish that move had been in my playbook 20, I mean 10 years ago.

Hope Mom & Dad are getting out west for a lot of Matt’s games.

SOCCER: San Diego State v Memphis

9/30/2016: 154 Randlett for rent at $3,250

Most of you know longtime Randlett Parkers Richard & Jane Malmberg moved several weeks ago. Well the house is empty and now for rent. 4 beds/3.5 baths and 2,700 sq/ft. One of the biggest houses on the street.

If I’m being real we’re gonna need better photos. This is America’s Favorite Street you guys. I mean get me, Party Tina, her giant camera and a sixer of Coors in here and see what we do. Besides crush the beers I bet we get 1 or 2 nice real estate photos.






9/23/2016: New house going up at 30 Rangeley Rd

You may have noticed a large hole in the ground at 30 Rangeley. Well the owners plan to build a new house there. This real estate, not so hard is it you guys?


30 Rangeley is a developable lot owned by the folks next door at the corner of LLewellyn. They’ve owned the 8,300 sq/ft lot for over 35 years. Just pulled permits to build a new single family home. Thank God I’m clairvoyant and can tell you this house will be done next spring. I’m out ✌️️