8/31/2016: 936 Watertown is old as crap, also for rent

936 Watertown #1 is a 4 bed/2 bath townhouse on the market for $3,200/month. Let’s just say it’s from a different time you guys.

936 Watertown

Check out the kitchen. Last updated when Johnson was in the White House. Not talking Lyndon either. I’m talking Andrew.

936 Watertown2

Andrew Johnson

Even he’s like I don’t believe pink cabinets were a wise choice.

The bathrooms? Very turn of the century. Just not this one.

936 Watertown3

936 Watertown5

Linoleum floors in the living room. So sensible for cleaning you guys.

936 Watertown4

Parquet floors in the master bedroom — you serious? Like the old Boston Garden. Practice your bounce passes all night in this place!

936 Watertown6

8/30/2016: Sweet Tomatoes update from our boy Ryan

Most of you guys know that Ryan has been following the Sweet Tomatoes tragedy. Here’s the latest from our boy at WBZ.

No criminal charges have been filed yet against the driver that killed 2 people in March. That could change in the coming months.

Sweet Tomatoes was hoping to open re-open this summer. As of today, doesn’t look like that will happen.

Sweet Tomatoes August

The city is installing safety barriers in front of Sweet Tomatoes to protect pedestrians from traffic.

Sweet Tomatoes barriers


8/24/2016: Developable lots at 45, 47 & 51 Oak Ave just listed for $6M

45-47 Oak Ave is an 18,000 sq/ft lot and 51 Oak Ave is an adjoining lot with 29,000 sq/ft. Same owner for both and both lots are zoned for multi-family use. Very rare to see over an acre of land zoned multi-family in 02465. Oak is one street over from Elm, close to West Newton Common.

Luckily for you guys I’m clairvoyant. I’m looking into the future and see… development. Big development. Possibly luxury townhomes like 13 Elm St.

13 Elm

Using Coors Light, my powers of clairvoyance, and access to MLS, I will be able to keep you all posted on this one.


8/24/2016: Re-doing our backyard (part 3)

That’s a wrap. 4 days of work for Star Quality. New patio & walkway laid down, yard leveled and seeded. Now it’s up to Management & I to plant all the bushes and flowers and stuff. She likes rose of sharon and I like boxwoods. Not sure I even know what I’m talking about though you guys.

backyard done

Once everything grows in we’ll have you guys over for Coors Lights.

8/18/2016: Re-doing our backyard (part 2)

Was gonna post part 2 of this series on Monday. But Star Quality is moving so fast the whole damn thing might be done by then.

Yesterday they ripped everything out of the backyard. Old patio, bushes, trees, rocks — you name it.


They had a couple questions for Management & I yesterday while they were working. Guess we took too long discussing because Seymour got in the Cat and started driving it all over the place. Can’t stop won’t stop with these guys.


(Sidenote: still not allowed to drive the Cat. Just like when they did the front steps in 2014. Must be because of insurance or something. Not because I can’t handle it. I assure you guys I can.)

Today they started laying down pavers. If you legit want a patio the next day, call Star Quality. If you want to talk things through and make a bunch of decisions and stuff, do not call Star Quality. Seymour will run you over.


Update: they are now ripping out poison ivy with their bare hands. Management warned them and they said “it’s not a problem for us.” Tell you what, it was a problem for me when I got it in 2014. The worst place you guys.

8/17/2016: Re-doing the backyard (part 1)

Last spring we renovated our kitchen. And killed our backyard. I’d put the time of death as April 30th, the day the 80,000 lbs cement mixer showed up to pour the new foundation.


Here’s what our backyard has looked like since.

That all changed today when Star Quality showed up to start on the backyard. You may remember Star Quality from such hits as our front steps.


Management & I like John & Seymour so much we decided to get the band back together and do the backyard. Like old times.

dave bobcat2

Star Quality is going to rip up the old patio and walkway, some small trees & bushes. Replace the patio & walkway with new pavers, level the yard then put down grass seed. Put in some flower beds too. Cost is $8,500 you guys. Was thinking about blue stone instead of pavers but then got the cost difference and was like…


We met with Star Quality last night and they started at 8am today. For all I know they’re already done.