7/29/2016: Getting a new tankless hot water heater 

Hot water heater crapped out last Sunday. Working to get a new tankless hot water heater installed this Monday. So today is Day 5 with no hot water. He’s what I’ve learned. 
1.) If you have a hot water heater that’s 10+ years old, replace it. The manufacturing date is on the side. Don’t wait for it to fail. When they fail they usually crack and leak water everywhere. Didn’t happen to me probably cause I’m a boss. 

2.) Losing hot water during a heat wave was a best case scenario. The shower is basically like spraying yourself off under a garden hose. Same temp. Upside is when you turn on the shower, you don’t wait for the water to get warm. You just take a deep breath and get in. Then get the f out. 

3.) Tankless hot water heaters are not cheap. $4,600 installed. Not including the$800 rebate from Mass Save – which you apply for post-installation. A new tank system would have been $1500. 

4.) Tankless systems are on-demand hot water for up to 3 sources (showers, washer, etc). With tankless, you’re not paying for gas each month to keep a 50 gallon tank warm, whether you’re using it or not. Tankless systems heat water within 10-15 seconds of being called and the supply is limitless. Supposedly you can save as much as 30% on your monthly gas bill. This seems a little high to me. But the manufacturer did the research and its on the internet so it must be true. 

5.) Not one person on Randlett offered to let me use their shower in the morning. Not gonna make a production out of it in my robe & slippers or anything. Just want some hot water you guys. I mean is my robe a tad revealing? In the USA – yes. But in Europe it’s like a regular robe. Just ignore it and maybe fire up some coffee?

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