7/27/2016: More trees for Randlett Park

Randlett Park has lost a few trees in the berm lately (space between sidewalk & road). Now this might not be a big deal on a street like Eliot, but we’re America’s Favorite Street (.com). And America’s Favorite Street (.com) should be tree lined.

Leah looked into this and here’s the deal: the Newton Tree Conservancy is accepting applications for Spring 2017 tree plantings.  NTC has planted more than 470 trees since 2010. Species include crabapple, red oak & linden. I’m more of a Turkish filbert man myself.

Turkish filbert

If you would like your berm considered for planting, please reply to this post or let Leah know. She’s gonna head this up for us.

More info on plantings, NTC, etc. below:





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