7/15/2016: Big announcement from the Roys

Sometimes I gotta blog stuff to keep everybody updated. Like a house that doesn’t sell for a year. Other times, it’s just crap like Christian buying a Vespa from Richard. But today I get to share something really special.

The Roys are getting a new curb you guys.

I know I know. So exciting. They’ve been on the wait list with the city for over a year. Just didn’t know what the timing was going to be on this. It’s like a privilege to share this news.

Was at the Tree last night with Josh takin it to Cold One City. Guy was beaming. I’m lookin at him like this sumbitch has it all. Beautiful family, good job, new curb. Christian was there too. Still talking about his Vespa. Old news amigo.

Caught up with the lucky couple this morning. They’re over the moon. Here’s what Josh had to say:

“When Jean and I heard about plans to have Randlett paved in 2018, we decided it would be worth putting our names on the list in hopes they would be prioritize us before paving. We called the Department of Public Works to request a betterment application which they mailed to us. We filled it out Jean dropped by Town Hall last summer to drop our paperwork off.

Look at Jean with the betterment application!

“Cost of our curb was $1500. We learned that if it were more than $2000, it would be worked into our taxes; anything less than that number must be paid for upfront. We sent the check in and just two weeks ago we saw them mark up the street. On Wednesday they broke ground. As it turns out, they dug up our front sidewalk and are replacing most of that at the same time even though there was no communication sent about it.”

Josh – what a boss. Just gettin the whole sidewalk thrown in for free.



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