7/8/2016: West Newton Square Enhancements Project

Newton is in the early stage of planning/designing roadway, sidewalk & streetscape improvements to West Newton Village. There will be site walks on July 13th from 9-10am and 6:30-7:30pm so you can share your input with the city.

Um I have some input you guys.

West Newton Village is a pretty functional place. You got the dry cleaner, gym, a few restaurants, CVS if you need to get some medication to clear up that thing that won’t go away.

But it’s not like a fun place. I could change that. Not saying put me in charge of Newton or whatever but hear me out…

1.) Close the square to traffic on Sunday mornings in the summer. Let the kids rip around on their bikes & scooters. Maybe have some shops open and some restaurants set up tables outside?

2.) Ease up on the open container law. And by ease up I mean fuhgetaboutit.  Imagine this scenario. You’re at the Cherry Tree enjoying a cold Coors Light. Your movie (Point Break 2) starts in 5 minutes at West Newton Cinema. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk across the street with your beer rather than chug it? I mean the stuff comes from the Rockies and was meant to be savored.

Coors Light

3.) Movie nights at Captain John Ryan Park. Hate to play this card but I think it’s what Captain Ryan would have wanted. Throw out some blankets, bring some chairs, some wine for Management. Maybe a popcorn machine or some vendors. Big screen set up with a family friendly movie. Not like Magic Mike XXL which I found the dancing to be very provocative.

Magic Mike


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