7/29/2016: Getting a new tankless hot water heater 

Hot water heater crapped out last Sunday. Working to get a new tankless hot water heater installed this Monday. So today is Day 5 with no hot water. He’s what I’ve learned. 
1.) If you have a hot water heater that’s 10+ years old, replace it. The manufacturing date is on the side. Don’t wait for it to fail. When they fail they usually crack and leak water everywhere. Didn’t happen to me probably cause I’m a boss. 

2.) Losing hot water during a heat wave was a best case scenario. The shower is basically like spraying yourself off under a garden hose. Same temp. Upside is when you turn on the shower, you don’t wait for the water to get warm. You just take a deep breath and get in. Then get the f out. 

3.) Tankless hot water heaters are not cheap. $4,600 installed. Not including the$800 rebate from Mass Save – which you apply for post-installation. A new tank system would have been $1500. 

4.) Tankless systems are on-demand hot water for up to 3 sources (showers, washer, etc). With tankless, you’re not paying for gas each month to keep a 50 gallon tank warm, whether you’re using it or not. Tankless systems heat water within 10-15 seconds of being called and the supply is limitless. Supposedly you can save as much as 30% on your monthly gas bill. This seems a little high to me. But the manufacturer did the research and its on the internet so it must be true. 

5.) Not one person on Randlett offered to let me use their shower in the morning. Not gonna make a production out of it in my robe & slippers or anything. Just want some hot water you guys. I mean is my robe a tad revealing? In the USA – yes. But in Europe it’s like a regular robe. Just ignore it and maybe fire up some coffee?

7/27/2016: More trees for Randlett Park

Randlett Park has lost a few trees in the berm lately (space between sidewalk & road). Now this might not be a big deal on a street like Eliot, but we’re America’s Favorite Street (.com). And America’s Favorite Street (.com) should be tree lined.

Leah looked into this and here’s the deal: the Newton Tree Conservancy is accepting applications for Spring 2017 tree plantings.  NTC has planted more than 470 trees since 2010. Species include crabapple, red oak & linden. I’m more of a Turkish filbert man myself.

Turkish filbert

If you would like your berm considered for planting, please reply to this post or let Leah know. She’s gonna head this up for us.

More info on plantings, NTC, etc. below:





7/20/2016: Parktoberfest

Break out the lederhosen! Parktoberfest will be October 1st this year. Depending on how many liters of hefeweizen I have, I may be performing a traditional Bavarain dance a la Clark Griswold. 

Save the date you guys. Great day of food, beer and fun. 

7/18/2016: 3 alarm fire at Gordon’s liquor store in Newtonville

A fire broke out last night around 2am at Gordon’s — the liquor store next to Star Market. The fire was tough to fight because it was in the basement and fire fighters had to go down a narrow staircase in intense heat & smoke. The basement sustained smoke & water damage and the store has been boarded up.

I know what everybody is thinkin — was any booze harmed? The answer is yes you guys. Most of the booze is covered in soot and smells strongly of smoke. With all the stuff going on in the world right now I can’t even think about those poor Coors Lights. Came in cold from the Rockies and everything. Wish I coulda saved just one.


7/15/2016: Big announcement from the Roys

Sometimes I gotta blog stuff to keep everybody updated. Like a house that doesn’t sell for a year. Other times, it’s just crap like Christian buying a Vespa from Richard. But today I get to share something really special.

The Roys are getting a new curb you guys.

I know I know. So exciting. They’ve been on the wait list with the city for over a year. Just didn’t know what the timing was going to be on this. It’s like a privilege to share this news.

Was at the Tree last night with Josh takin it to Cold One City. Guy was beaming. I’m lookin at him like this sumbitch has it all. Beautiful family, good job, new curb. Christian was there too. Still talking about his Vespa. Old news amigo.

Caught up with the lucky couple this morning. They’re over the moon. Here’s what Josh had to say:

“When Jean and I heard about plans to have Randlett paved in 2018, we decided it would be worth putting our names on the list in hopes they would be prioritize us before paving. We called the Department of Public Works to request a betterment application which they mailed to us. We filled it out Jean dropped by Town Hall last summer to drop our paperwork off.

Look at Jean with the betterment application!

“Cost of our curb was $1500. We learned that if it were more than $2000, it would be worked into our taxes; anything less than that number must be paid for upfront. We sent the check in and just two weeks ago we saw them mark up the street. On Wednesday they broke ground. As it turns out, they dug up our front sidewalk and are replacing most of that at the same time even though there was no communication sent about it.”

Josh – what a boss. Just gettin the whole sidewalk thrown in for free.



7/8/2016: West Newton Square Enhancements Project

Newton is in the early stage of planning/designing roadway, sidewalk & streetscape improvements to West Newton Village. There will be site walks on July 13th from 9-10am and 6:30-7:30pm so you can share your input with the city.

Um I have some input you guys.

West Newton Village is a pretty functional place. You got the dry cleaner, gym, a few restaurants, CVS if you need to get some medication to clear up that thing that won’t go away.

But it’s not like a fun place. I could change that. Not saying put me in charge of Newton or whatever but hear me out…

1.) Close the square to traffic on Sunday mornings in the summer. Let the kids rip around on their bikes & scooters. Maybe have some shops open and some restaurants set up tables outside?

2.) Ease up on the open container law. And by ease up I mean fuhgetaboutit.  Imagine this scenario. You’re at the Cherry Tree enjoying a cold Coors Light. Your movie (Point Break 2) starts in 5 minutes at West Newton Cinema. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk across the street with your beer rather than chug it? I mean the stuff comes from the Rockies and was meant to be savored.

Coors Light

3.) Movie nights at Captain John Ryan Park. Hate to play this card but I think it’s what Captain Ryan would have wanted. Throw out some blankets, bring some chairs, some wine for Management. Maybe a popcorn machine or some vendors. Big screen set up with a family friendly movie. Not like Magic Mike XXL which I found the dancing to be very provocative.

Magic Mike


7/1/2016: Elevated lead levels at W. Newton water fountains

The DPW and Dept of Parks & Recreation have found elevated lead levels at drinking fountains at Gath Pool, Crystal Lake & Cabot Park. All 5 fountains have been turned off. The city has since decided to turn off other fountains all over Newton, including Franklin School. 

Nobody loves a water fountain more than me you guys. Could sit there and slurp it up all day. So kinda bummed I’m gonna have fewer options. Germs/no germs, lead/no lead really doesn’t matter to me. Just gotta get that H2o in. 

I’ll always have the 3 fountains at BSC W Newton though. No water pressure, covered in sweat. Luke warm the way I like it.