5/27/2016: America’s Favorite Cut-Through Street

Was coming home from my super important job last night and cut-through Elliot Street. I work downtown and my job can be stressful. Needed to get home quick and just zone out for a while. So I cut-through Elliot Street.

Gotta say – felt good. Real good you guys.

Blew by some guy eating a hot dog and drinking a beer in his front yard. Turns out it was the annual block party.

Which got me thinking: if I can drive 55 MPH through their block party, shouldn’t I be cutting through Elliot all the time? The answer is yes gang.

Everyone knows Randlett is America’s Favorite Street (.com). People (should) drive slow down our street admiring our homes/yards and aspiring to live in such a wonderful place. Not so much with Elliot. There’s not a whole lot to look at so you can really just gun it. I mean you could film Fast & Furious 13 on this street and they wouldn’t care.

Fast & Furious

So next time you’re in a hurry and need to get from Waltham to Watertown St — give Elliot a look. Think you’re gonna like America’s Favorite Cut-Through Street (not .com yet).

PS — it has been suggested to me that I shouldn’t promote speeding in the neighborhood. We need to protect our children, who I believe are our future. Just like Mr. Randy Watson.

Children are our future



2 thoughts on “5/27/2016: America’s Favorite Cut-Through Street

  1. micky

    I live on Warwick and have been promoting Fairway as an excellent cut-through. Happy to add Elliot to my recommended list.

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