5/29/2016: Newton Memorial Day parade

Lived in Newton for 6 years and this was my first Memorial Day parade. Feelin kinda lame for not knowing about this. But then I got there and told some people about the blog and they were like what are you talking about? So it was like mutual. I didn’t know about the parade and the parade didn’t know about me. 

Anyway, the parade was a good time. Everybody was reppin: Newton Police & Fire, Pat the Patriot, Blades from the Bruins, some bands, the Boy Scouts – you name it. 

See you there next year. I will probably be the grand marshall and leadin the damn thing. 

5/27/2016: America’s Favorite Cut-Through Street

Was coming home from my super important job last night and cut-through Elliot Street. I work downtown and my job can be stressful. Needed to get home quick and just zone out for a while. So I cut-through Elliot Street.

Gotta say – felt good. Real good you guys.

Blew by some guy eating a hot dog and drinking a beer in his front yard. Turns out it was the annual block party.

Which got me thinking: if I can drive 55 MPH through their block party, shouldn’t I be cutting through Elliot all the time? The answer is yes gang.

Everyone knows Randlett is America’s Favorite Street (.com). People (should) drive slow down our street admiring our homes/yards and aspiring to live in such a wonderful place. Not so much with Elliot. There’s not a whole lot to look at so you can really just gun it. I mean you could film Fast & Furious 13 on this street and they wouldn’t care.

Fast & Furious

So next time you’re in a hurry and need to get from Waltham to Watertown St — give Elliot a look. Think you’re gonna like America’s Favorite Cut-Through Street (not .com yet).

PS — it has been suggested to me that I shouldn’t promote speeding in the neighborhood. We need to protect our children, who I believe are our future. Just like Mr. Randy Watson.

Children are our future



5/25/2016: 180 Cherry removed from market

After 9 months, 180 Cherry has been removed from the market. Dropped the price 12 times. Raised the price twice.

In April the price had fallen to $1.498M. Then in May, 180 Cherry extended a giant middle finger to the market and INCREASED THE PRICE $500K TO $1.998M.

Such a power move I had to put it in all caps. It’s like oh nobody’s gonna buy the house? Everybody f off then. EVERYBODY.

You can be in the real estate game a long time and never see anything like this. It’s… it’s… unworldly. So I’m gonna ask 1 final time: Earth to 180 Cherry, come in?



5/25/2016: New menu at The Local

For those of you guys that haven’t been lately, The Local has a new menu.

Went there a few weeks back and tried edamame for the first time. Couldn’t pronounce it. Then I was eating the whole thing – which the waitress (and everyone at the table) told me was wrong. So the meal, while enjoyable for everyone, was somewhat of a personal disaster for me. What else is new.

Here are some highlights from the new menu…

5/24/2016: 5 Rose Dr just listed for $789k

5 Rose Dr is a 4 bed/2 bath rancher that was listed yesterday for $789k. Off River Street. Broker says “slight chance kitchen in lower level might have to be removed.” Um what?

No photos on this one you guys. I mean buyers like photos and MLS requires that you have some or they fine you. Kinda weird but I also kinda like it. It’s like a surprise when you show up at the house. Just no idea what you’re in for except the house is a rancher.

5/24/2016: Warwick Block Party recap

Went to the Warwick Block Party on Sunday. Yes I was invited you guys. Tell you what – had a nice little time. So did my family. Bouncey house, face painting, ice cream, you name it. Got some real like-minded people over there on Warwick.

Also played hoops against the Warwick Rd Dribblers. Street was closed to traffic so we had some full court action working. My transition game needs a ton of work. Felt like the Dribblers controlled the tempo and I was just like huffing from end of the court to the other. Despite my lack of cardiovascular fortitude, it was a good time.