4/29/2016: 37 Upham listed for $1.348M

Last week, 37 Upham was listed for $1.348M. 5 bed/6 bath Colonial with 3,818 sq/ft. Forgot to tell you guys about it. I have a very important job. Downtown. Sometimes stuff gets past me.

37 Upham

1 day after listing for $1.348M, they drop the price to $1.248M. Must have had like a negative response from the market in that 24 hours or something. Today the price was INCREASED $20k to $1.268M.

Love this kind of listing. Price gets chopped big time and buyers think they’re all good. Then the seller backs the price up and buyers are like the what in the f… is going on around here?!?


Super Trooper



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