4/28/2016: Blue Ribbon leaves me hangin 

Everybody knows I love Blue Ribbon. Those burnt ends – OMG you guys.

So I hit them up on Twitter yesterday to see if I could come BBQ with them. You know to see how the pros do it.

Yes I messed up this tweet. I meant to say huge fan OF the burnt ends. Not huge fan ON the burnt ends. That doesn’t even make sense. 😁😁

I mentioned the blog and they were probably like what is this dude even talking about? And my Blue Ribbon t-shirt in my bio pic? A tad desperate. Like the equivalent of texting your boo late night whutchu doin and getting no response.

They left me hangin Tom Brady style.

Tom Brady hangin

Can’t even blame em you guys. My tweet was just so messed up. Wish internetting was easier. Someday Blue Ribbon. Someday.

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