4/21/2016: 350 Waltham gonna be rentals

Got some intel you guys on 350 Waltham — AKA the raccoon house. This place is gonna be 2 apartments. The first floor is already rented. Second floor is still available.

350 Waltham2

Was talking to the owner last night at Paddy’s. Management said what’s up with the garage? Owner said don’t worry we’re gonna paint it.


Guy said paint and Management was like…


One thought on “4/21/2016: 350 Waltham gonna be rentals

  1. Chris Dunham

    Not happy about this. I live on Colman Street which as far as I know is the only way to get to this house. Where are all these people going to park? Lots of little kids too, mine included, so I’m not thrilled with the idea of more traffic. Maybe the tenants can park at Paddy’s and walk home…
    Of course, if the Paddy’s people pay for a sorely-needed re-paving of Colman Street I may not be so unhappy…

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