4/7/2016: Adding a new outdoor faucet

You guys may remember when this happened in January on a super cold day.


Burst faucet pipe. Water froze in the pipe and then it just kinda exploded into the yard. No damage to the inside of the house. Thanks to this guy for turning off the water so fast. And possibly Management for noticing we had a fountain in our front yard at 5am.

So Baker-Elman Plumbing came back and gave us a new faucet on the other side of the front stairs.


Took about an hour and cost $350. Saved us the hassle of replacing the burst faucet and cutting through the ceiling in our finished basement to remove the whole pipe. Think we’re just gonna cap it.

So if you need to add a faucet in your yard, it’s easy and cheap. Just call Baker-Elman.

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