4/5/2016: Meals for Clare Safran Norton at 58 Randlett 

Please see a note from Margaret Wolfe below. Let’s help out you guys. 

Our friend and neighbor, Clare Safran Norton, at 58 Randlett Park is having a bilateral mastectomy on Friday, April 8. Clare’s sister Anne and Anne’s daughter will be staying with the Nortons through the month of May to help out.I am hoping we can all come together as neighbors and friends and supply dinners while Clare recovers. If you would like to help out please sign up for a meal on one of the selected dates starting April 13 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays through May 30. Meals should be for 6 and there are no dietary restrictions. There will be a cooler on the front porch. Please drop off the meal between 4pm and 6pm at 58 Randlett Park with a note saying who the meal is from so Clare can thank you when she’s feeling better. 

To sign up for a meal please go to: takethemameal.com

Under ‘Find’ enter Norton in the last name column

Under Password enter 58Randl3tt

If you have any questions please contact me, Margaret Briand Wolfe at 34 Randlett Park or email me at mbriandw@verizon.net

Thank you for your help!


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