4/29/2016: Guest blog from Tamara about Gishwhes

Gishwhes is like a giant scavenger hunt you guys. More from Tamara below.

Here’s the situation. Everyone on Randlett Park knows how awesome Randlett Park is. But is that really enough? What about the rest of the world? Friends, it’s time to kick things up a notch. It’s time for Randlett Park to go global.

How’s that going to happen?

Simple. Randlett Park is going to field a team for Gishwhes. No, that’s not a contagious rash your kid brings home from preschool. It is, according to the Gishwhes website, the “Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.”

For one week every year, thousands of people from around the world build or are assigned to 15-person teams that complete a series of tasks in the hopes of winning an all-expenses-paid trip with Gishwhes founder Misha Collins to some exotic locale. (This year’s winning team will dogsled on a glacier and party in a volcano in Iceland. Try doing either of those things on America’s Favorite Street.)

“We try to create a list that is challenging, thrilling, and absurd,” the Gishwhes site says. “We like to see items that make us tear up and laugh out loud. We like to have participants break out of their comfort zones, re-awaken their inner artist, and do a bit of good in the world.” Past Gishwhes teams have raised money to completely furnish a wounded veteran’s home, had a Mars rock named after Gishwhes by NASA, made Christmas trees fly, and created a safety-pin chain more than a mile long.

This year’s Gishwhes runs from July 30 to August 6. Doesn’t matter if you’ll be sitting in your driveway drinking rosé and ignoring your kids or lying on a beach on Nantucket that week — you can participate in Gishwhes from anywhere in the world, no matter where the rest of your team is.

Let’s do this, neighbors.

4/29/2016: 37 Upham listed for $1.348M

Last week, 37 Upham was listed for $1.348M. 5 bed/6 bath Colonial with 3,818 sq/ft. Forgot to tell you guys about it. I have a very important job. Downtown. Sometimes stuff gets past me.

37 Upham

1 day after listing for $1.348M, they drop the price to $1.248M. Must have had like a negative response from the market in that 24 hours or something. Today the price was INCREASED $20k to $1.268M.

Love this kind of listing. Price gets chopped big time and buyers think they’re all good. Then the seller backs the price up and buyers are like the what in the f… is going on around here?!?


Super Trooper



4/28/2016: Blue Ribbon leaves me hangin 

Everybody knows I love Blue Ribbon. Those burnt ends – OMG you guys.

So I hit them up on Twitter yesterday to see if I could come BBQ with them. You know to see how the pros do it.

Yes I messed up this tweet. I meant to say huge fan OF the burnt ends. Not huge fan ON the burnt ends. That doesn’t even make sense. 😁😁

I mentioned the blog and they were probably like what is this dude even talking about? And my Blue Ribbon t-shirt in my bio pic? A tad desperate. Like the equivalent of texting your boo late night whutchu doin and getting no response.

They left me hangin Tom Brady style.

Tom Brady hangin

Can’t even blame em you guys. My tweet was just so messed up. Wish internetting was easier. Someday Blue Ribbon. Someday.

4/26/2016: My new assistant Kelly

So now that I’m a member of the press, I had to get an assistant. I mean I work downtown and am terribly important. Kelly used to work downtown, so she can appreciate the pressure that I’m under. I gotta show $5 million dollar condos. Take my boy Slow Scott — the work bro that failed the Mensa quiz — to lunch. Read ESPN.com on my phone. High level stuff you guys.

Plus I have the 2016 Show House next Wednesday. Kelly is gonna bring a notepad and camera. I can’t be bothered with that stuff. I need my hands free so I can give people the thumbs up or adjust my lanyard that only people in the press wear.

Does Kelly even get a lanyard? I don’t know if assistants do or not. I mean she’ll probably already have a giant camera around her neck so maybe no lanyard this year?

A little more about Kelly: married, kids, 02465 girl. Knows real estate, probably knows design stuff too. Really hoping she doesn’t sass me next week in front of the Show House people. That’s the last shit I need — these people are my contemporaries.