3/30/2016: West Newton Neighborhood Club

Did you guys know about this? I sure didn’t. Only been around since 1890. The West Newton Neighborhood Club on Berkeley St. is a place where members play tennis and gather for social events. Currently there are 180 members (individuals & families).

Anyone in 02465 is eligible to become a member. But here’s what you gotta do to get in.

1.) You need at least 2 member sponsors (no problemo I have 3).



2.) You need to attend 2 social events (sign me up for the porch social and caroling party).


NATIONAL LAMPOON'S ANIMAL HOUSE, (from left): Bruce McGill, Tim Matheson, Peter Riegert, John Belush


3.) Host a home party with at least 5 members of the board in attendance (TOGA, TOGA, TOGA).




4.) Submit application, 1 time check for $1,000 and $600 in annual dues. Then learn to play tennis!





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