3/16/2016: My Gift

Boston.com posted an article today about the exact month that was best to buy a home in and around Boston. Those who bought in April 2009 “hit the jackpot” according to the article. Homes purchased in the spring of 2009 could be worth as much as 40-50% more today.

You’re probably like so what? Well Management & I bought our place on Randlett Park in June 2009. Despite the market crash. Despite the mortgage meltdown. We just said F it and paid $602,500 for the place.

Now in 2009 I knew 2 things: I liked Coors Light and had a keen eye for real estate. What I didn’t know is that when I drank Coors Light, I became clairevoyant with an incredible ability to predict the real estate market and home values. Think Russell Crowe in a Beautiful Mind.

Russell Crowe

I spent the next 4 years harnessing the power of My Gift. But mostly drinking Coors Light. Then in 2013, I decided I needed to share My Gift with people of 02465 and started RandlettPark.com. I’ve been predicting home values and market conditions ever since.

Now enjoy some photos of my home before I bought it. It was so easy (for me) to see how much potential the place had — thanks to My Gift.

142 Randlett old living room

142 Randlett old dining room

142 Randlett old master

142 kitchen


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