3/2/2016: New construction on Cherry St

The 2 homes at 255 & 259 Cherry St were purchased in late 2014 for $625k a piece. The developer plans to build a new single family home on each lot. Not a lot of details on this one. Thankfully for you guys I’m clairvoyant. Using my gift I can tell you both houses should be done early summer and worth around $1.2M each.


255 259 Cherry

One thought on “3/2/2016: New construction on Cherry St

  1. Guterman, Myrna

    Hi David: I don’t know how many of the young folks knew Phyllis Ffrank, but she lived for many years on Randlett Park. She died yesterday, and the funeral is tomorrow, Thursday, at 12:00 at Temple Reyim on Washington Street. She worked very hard to raise money for Cancer Research. Visiting hours for her family will be Friday from 1–4, and Sunday from 1-5 at LaSelle Village. Myrna

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