3/1/2016: Anna’s Taqueria opening soon in Newton

Major news out of Newton Highlands today you guys. Anna’s Taqueria is opening a new shop at 27 Lincoln St, right near the Highlands T station. For those of you that don’t know, Anna’s isn’t in the burrito game, they invented the burrito game. Even this bro knows that…


Burrito’s, tacos, dang quesa -dillas — you name it. Just good Mexican food. They had a soft opening yesterday, which means they were kinda open but only for true burrito lovers like myself. They should be open soon and regular hours will be 8am – 9pm, 7 days a week.


One thought on “3/1/2016: Anna’s Taqueria opening soon in Newton

  1. Charleen Kress

    For those of you whose kids cut through my backyard (or adults) at 129 Randlett, please remind them to close the gates behind them. I think they may have gotten out of the habit after Sparky was no longer around, but now we have Toffee and don’t want to lose her. Just know I have no problem with anyone cutting through. Thanks.

    Charleen and Toffee (She’s the four-legged creature)

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