3/1/2016: America’s Favorite Street endorses Ben Carson

Look you guys. You don’t have to be thinking (or seeing) straight to realize that Ben Carson is the best choice to lead our country.


I mean he’s a doctor. And guess what? Our country is sick. Guy’s got his MD so maybe let him heal our nation? Sounds like a better game plan than building a giant wall.

Ben Carson can do the job with his eyes closed. Possibly even in his sleep. That’s the level of genius we’re talking about here gang.


Who cares if he says some weird stuff? If we’re being totally honest, I thought that Joseph built the pyramids in Ancient Egypt too. I was just too embarrassed to say so.

Think this guy won’t get down & dirty? Wrong. He’s been in knife fights. His stance on active-shooter situations: hey guys everybody attack the shooter. Um… brilliant? This is the kind of Commander in Chief I’m talking about!

America’s Favorite Street for Ben Carson!


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