3/31/2016: Mensa W. Newton?

So happy thursday you guys. Just found out I’m eligible for Mensa. No big deal — pretty much confirmed what I (and possibly Management) already knew. Took one of their online quizzes and smoked it.

Work bro at the office took the quiz too. Was hoping to be Mensa like me. Got a score of 13%. Nice guy but dumb. Just patted him on the head and told him keep truckin.

Screenshot (5)

Take the quiz. See if you’re in the top 2% like me. Pretty sure none of you are Mensa material but if you are we should kick it. Need to be around people on my level.

Here’s the link. Send me a screenshot of your score.





3/30/2016: What would your house look like if you just kinda gave up?

Probably a lot like 168 Mount Vernon, which was just listed for $998k.

168 Mt

House was built in 1910. Somebody gave up on this thing a long time ago.

168 Mt Vernon

6 beds with 1 full bath? Not gonna cut it gang.

168 Mt Vernon1

This place is what we in real estate like to call a contractor special.

168 Mt Vernon3

Hope somebody knocks this place down and builds a beautiful home on this lot. With more than 1 full bathroom you guys. 

168 Mt Vernon4


3/30/2016: West Newton Neighborhood Club

Did you guys know about this? I sure didn’t. Only been around since 1890. The West Newton Neighborhood Club on Berkeley St. is a place where members play tennis and gather for social events. Currently there are 180 members (individuals & families).

Anyone in 02465 is eligible to become a member. But here’s what you gotta do to get in.

1.) You need at least 2 member sponsors (no problemo I have 3).



2.) You need to attend 2 social events (sign me up for the porch social and caroling party).


NATIONAL LAMPOON'S ANIMAL HOUSE, (from left): Bruce McGill, Tim Matheson, Peter Riegert, John Belush


3.) Host a home party with at least 5 members of the board in attendance (TOGA, TOGA, TOGA).




4.) Submit application, 1 time check for $1,000 and $600 in annual dues. Then learn to play tennis!