2/25/2016: Man arrested for lewd behavior on Adella Ave

A Waltham man was arrested Tuesday for lewd behavior on Adella Ave. A woman was walking to her house on Adella when she passed a man sitting in his car. The man noticed her, then drove around the block to catch up with her as she was entering her house. He then honked to get her attention, then did some lewd stuff you guys.

The woman told him to F off, then called police with his license number. Police caught him a few minutes later. Turns out he was on probation for 4 previous arrests and is now headed to prison.

I know we live in our little Newton bubble, but be careful you guys. If you see someone suspicious, immediately tell them to F off and call the police. We gotta keep our neighborhood safe.

PS – Adella Ave is really growing on me. Think we need like a Randlett/Adella mixer this spring.


police lights

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