2/16/2016: Ryan and I-Team take on #StinkyCrackers

Remember Ryan from the I-Team? The dude who busted Amanda in November for taking people’s money and then not delivering their furniture?


Well he’s back. This time tackling graham crackers that stink — aka #StinkyCrackers.

Basically people have been opening Nabisco Honey Maid graham crackers and choking on the smell. Like this poor woman. Just sitting at a local bakery enjoying her coffee. Then Ryan walks in. Jams some graham crackers and a mic up in her face. Another victim of #StinkyCrackers.


But this woman is not the only vic. There have been others. Like Vanessa Brown in Saugus. Her daughter opened a box of graham crackers in January and said “the taste was just horrible and smelled like chemicals.” Brown’s reaction: “Oh, my god! Are they poisonous?”

Stan Flewelling of Rowley was also a vic of #StinkyCrackers. He opened a box of graham crackers last year and said “there was a chemical taste” and “I definitely think there is a problem with the product.”

Thankfully for all the vics of #StinkyCrackers, Ryan is on their side. He contacted Nabisco to learn more. Nabisco tried to give Ryan some BS about enjoying the crackers before their expiration date and maybe call customer service to report problems. NICE TRY NABISCO! This is the I-Team you are dealing with. Call customer service — that’s a bunch of shit. People are literally choking here you guys.

Ryan took the #StinkyCrackers to Jon Trelfa, who runs a food safety lab in Salisbury. Had him put the whole damn bag in his face. Smartly, Ryan kept the mic out of Trefla’s face because he knew he was really going for it. Unlike the woman at the bakery who just smelled 1 #StinkyCracker.

Crackers 2

After removing his face from the bag, Trefla said “It’s very strong. It actually choked me.”

Trefla was so BS about being choked by #StinkyCrackers he did some research and found high levels of malondialdeyhde. I know — malon what? Anyway it’s a chemical commonly found in oils that go rancid.

The I-Team then took these results to Eric Decker, a lipid specialist and professor at UMASS. We can only assume that Ryan forced Decker to smell 1 or possibly a whole bag of #StinkyCrackers. Decker says its more of a quality issue than health issue and it won’t kill you.

Ryan and the I-Team went back to Nabisco and then they fessed up about problems with #StinkyCrackers dating back to 2014. Total conspiracy that Ryan and the I-Team uncovered by jamming graham crackers up in people’s faces. Bravo Ryan. Bravo.


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