2/12/2016: Raccoon’s repairing 350 Waltham

So the raccoons living at 350 Waltham are having structural repairs made to the front porch. This is a smart move you guys. Especially if you have a growing family that likes to climb all over the roof. And porch. And gutters.

350 Waltham2

350 Waltham has been abandoned for over a year. Besides eating trash and watching Ed renovate his kitchen, the raccoon’s have really done nothing to the place. Glad they’re finally stepping up cause the front porch was like falling off the front of the house. Even pulled a permit too.

Not a bad start gang.


One thought on “2/12/2016: Raccoon’s repairing 350 Waltham

  1. Mary

    One of those raccoons was taking a stroll along the top of our fence one morning the other week. They’re definitely getting out and about!

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