2/12/2016: Mui Chiropractic in W. Newton

A little embarrassed I haven’t blogged about this place before. If you have back problems or fitness related injury, you need to stop messing around and go see Dr. Karson Mui in W. Newton. He’ll get you right.

Management started seeing him a few years ago for chiropractic and got me hooked. I screwed up my back dead-lifting like 1,000,000 lbs at the gym. Went to see Dr. Mui and the first thing he said to me was dude you’re not 25 why are you dead-lifting? I was like…


Dr. Mui got me straight in a few weeks. He works with all kinds of patients: marathon runners, extreme sports athletes, regular dumb-asses who hurt themselves shoveling snow. He’s not like your primary care physician that refers you to an endless number of doctors that do nothing for you. He actually fixes your shit so you can get back to it.

Some other people work there too. So next time you’re hurtin, check out Mui Chiropractic.



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