2/10/2016: New 230 unit development proposed in Newtonville

Great blog yesterday from Julia Malakie on a huge new housing development at the corner of Washington & Walnut that nobody knew about. You know — this place.

Newtonville development

Basically, the same developer, Robert Korff of Mark Investments, is buying up all the land at this corner. The gas station, the post office and the church (Elevation Chapel) are either under agreement or already sold. His plan is to build a six-story, 230 unit residential building with first floor commercial space. That’s enormous you guys.

There’s a meeting tomorrow 7pm in the Newton North cafeteria to learn more about the development. Link to Julia’s full blog post below:



2 thoughts on “2/10/2016: New 230 unit development proposed in Newtonville

  1. Didn’t know a street had its own blog! Sorry, I’m not an Alderman-at-Large, although come to think of it, neither is anyone ,else, with the name change. I ran, came close, have been encouraged to run again, but just haven’t figured out how to re-title my website. But I do like ‘at Large, a la “Keller at Large.” Or “shadow” something, like the British opposition have a “shadow cabinet.”
    Keep encouraging people to pay attention and make their views known!

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