2/29/2016: Dumpster at 350 Waltham

Hey you guys its me – the dumpster at 350 Waltham St. Got dropped off here last week when they started demo’ing the house. 

When I first came down from the roll-off truck I thought very funny gang – I’m not even close to the house. At least put me on the property. Or get me off the sidewalk. 

But then they left. Now it’s been a week. I’m worried I’m gonna get hit by a car. People are giving me the worst looks. Even the raccoons – and they love dumpsters. 

Just wanna be a little closer to the house. That’s all. 

2/25/2016: Man arrested for lewd behavior on Adella Ave

A Waltham man was arrested Tuesday for lewd behavior on Adella Ave. A woman was walking to her house on Adella when she passed a man sitting in his car. The man noticed her, then drove around the block to catch up with her as she was entering her house. He then honked to get her attention, then did some lewd stuff you guys.

The woman told him to F off, then called police with his license number. Police caught him a few minutes later. Turns out he was on probation for 4 previous arrests and is now headed to prison.

I know we live in our little Newton bubble, but be careful you guys. If you see someone suspicious, immediately tell them to F off and call the police. We gotta keep our neighborhood safe.

PS – Adella Ave is really growing on me. Think we need like a Randlett/Adella mixer this spring.


police lights

2/24/2016: What’s up with the Nathaniel Allen house?

The Newton Cultural Alliance, which owns the Nathaniel Allen House, cut down some trees the past few weeks around the property. So I called them to see what’s up.

Allen house

Here’s the deal you guys. They’re hosting the Junior League of Boston this summer as part of their show house series. Basically they have 15-20 designers that will each design a room in the house, then be open for public viewing. They’re cutting down the trees to clean the property up a bit. The house itself is protected under historical restrictions and can’t be changed. So no like development or anything happening here.

Also, did you guys know there is a bowling alley in the barn? I think we need to take some Coors Lights down there a bowl a few frames.

bowling alley

2/23/2016: Terrence got his fence fixed

You guys may remember several weeks ago a car crashed into Terrence’s fence and smashed the holy hell out it.


Well Terrence got it fixed and highly recommends his fence guy — Anchor Fence LLC. Here’s the finished product and what Terrence had to say about it:  


“The selection process to get this guy was very extensive and done in line with a tough corporate finance and procurement mindset (I did an RFP). He is about 20% cheaper than anyone around here. Better quality material and lower cost = productivity.”

Love the mindset here. Just no BS. Using words like RFP, procurement — like we’re in a boardroom or something you guys. Well done Terrence.

2/17/2016: 26 Sterling just listed for $2.150M

Look you guys if there is 1 unwritten rule in real estate, it’s that we all agree not to use people in our photos. Especially good looking people. It’s like cheating.

Check out 26 Sterling which just came on for $2.150M in W. Newton Hill. 5 bed/3.5 bath home with 4,650 sq/ft. Great looking house.

26 Sterling

26 Sterling1

Now look at these photos. Did they bring in models? Can you even do that? It’s like if you buy this place, you will have quality time with your family and your kids will brush their teeth. Without you having to ask them 4 times.

People in real estate photos — such a diabolical move but damn if I don’t respect it.

26 Sterling2

26 Sterling4

26 Sterling5




2/16/2016: Ryan and I-Team take on #StinkyCrackers

Remember Ryan from the I-Team? The dude who busted Amanda in November for taking people’s money and then not delivering their furniture?


Well he’s back. This time tackling graham crackers that stink — aka #StinkyCrackers.

Basically people have been opening Nabisco Honey Maid graham crackers and choking on the smell. Like this poor woman. Just sitting at a local bakery enjoying her coffee. Then Ryan walks in. Jams some graham crackers and a mic up in her face. Another victim of #StinkyCrackers.


But this woman is not the only vic. There have been others. Like Vanessa Brown in Saugus. Her daughter opened a box of graham crackers in January and said “the taste was just horrible and smelled like chemicals.” Brown’s reaction: “Oh, my god! Are they poisonous?”

Stan Flewelling of Rowley was also a vic of #StinkyCrackers. He opened a box of graham crackers last year and said “there was a chemical taste” and “I definitely think there is a problem with the product.”

Thankfully for all the vics of #StinkyCrackers, Ryan is on their side. He contacted Nabisco to learn more. Nabisco tried to give Ryan some BS about enjoying the crackers before their expiration date and maybe call customer service to report problems. NICE TRY NABISCO! This is the I-Team you are dealing with. Call customer service — that’s a bunch of shit. People are literally choking here you guys.

Ryan took the #StinkyCrackers to Jon Trelfa, who runs a food safety lab in Salisbury. Had him put the whole damn bag in his face. Smartly, Ryan kept the mic out of Trefla’s face because he knew he was really going for it. Unlike the woman at the bakery who just smelled 1 #StinkyCracker.

Crackers 2

After removing his face from the bag, Trefla said “It’s very strong. It actually choked me.”

Trefla was so BS about being choked by #StinkyCrackers he did some research and found high levels of malondialdeyhde. I know — malon what? Anyway it’s a chemical commonly found in oils that go rancid.

The I-Team then took these results to Eric Decker, a lipid specialist and professor at UMASS. We can only assume that Ryan forced Decker to smell 1 or possibly a whole bag of #StinkyCrackers. Decker says its more of a quality issue than health issue and it won’t kill you.

Ryan and the I-Team went back to Nabisco and then they fessed up about problems with #StinkyCrackers dating back to 2014. Total conspiracy that Ryan and the I-Team uncovered by jamming graham crackers up in people’s faces. Bravo Ryan. Bravo.


2/12/2016: Mui Chiropractic in W. Newton

A little embarrassed I haven’t blogged about this place before. If you have back problems or fitness related injury, you need to stop messing around and go see Dr. Karson Mui in W. Newton. He’ll get you right.

Management started seeing him a few years ago for chiropractic and got me hooked. I screwed up my back dead-lifting like 1,000,000 lbs at the gym. Went to see Dr. Mui and the first thing he said to me was dude you’re not 25 why are you dead-lifting? I was like…


Dr. Mui got me straight in a few weeks. He works with all kinds of patients: marathon runners, extreme sports athletes, regular dumb-asses who hurt themselves shoveling snow. He’s not like your primary care physician that refers you to an endless number of doctors that do nothing for you. He actually fixes your shit so you can get back to it.

Some other people work there too. So next time you’re hurtin, check out Mui Chiropractic.



2/12/2016: Raccoon’s repairing 350 Waltham

So the raccoons living at 350 Waltham are having structural repairs made to the front porch. This is a smart move you guys. Especially if you have a growing family that likes to climb all over the roof. And porch. And gutters.

350 Waltham2

350 Waltham has been abandoned for over a year. Besides eating trash and watching Ed renovate his kitchen, the raccoon’s have really done nothing to the place. Glad they’re finally stepping up cause the front porch was like falling off the front of the house. Even pulled a permit too.

Not a bad start gang.


2/10/2016: New 230 unit development proposed in Newtonville

Great blog yesterday from Julia Malakie on a huge new housing development at the corner of Washington & Walnut that nobody knew about. You know — this place.

Newtonville development

Basically, the same developer, Robert Korff of Mark Investments, is buying up all the land at this corner. The gas station, the post office and the church (Elevation Chapel) are either under agreement or already sold. His plan is to build a six-story, 230 unit residential building with first floor commercial space. That’s enormous you guys.

There’s a meeting tomorrow 7pm in the Newton North cafeteria to learn more about the development. Link to Julia’s full blog post below:



2/9/2016: What’s the deal with Waltham?

The deal is Waltham is blowing up. Not talking about the restaurants either. Property values. Way up you guys.

Since 2010, home values in the Watch City are up 20%. Average home price is now $504,000. There were 157 sales in 2015 over $500k. Not bad considering in 2010 there were only 49.

Were some of these places whack? Of course they were. The photos below aren’t even from the same house.



In order to sell a place like this, you gotta blindfold the buyers before they walk into the house. Then bring ’em in and rip off the blindfolds. When they say are we in the basement?  You yell no — we are in 1978! Then high-five everyone.

Some of the places didn’t even need time travel to sell. They were just nice.





1/6/2016: Sal the mailman injured 

Most of you know Sal just had surgery. He’s been hurtin for a few months. Dale called last night and said he fell and injured himself. He’s gonna be out for a month. 

I have a card, if you want to come by and sign it. Or if your kids want to make a card for him, I’m sure he’d appreciate it. Dale will deliver our letters to the post office Thursday and they’ll deliver to Sal. You can drop off at my house (142) anytime or Dale’s house (73) Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks you guys. 


2/5/2016: Judith’s Kitchen to serve Keltic Krust on Saturday

The original owner of Keltic Krust, David McGimpsey, will be bringing scones & breads to Judith’s Kitchen on Saturday. David opened Keltic Krust around 1994 and sold the bakery to Chris rice in 2009. Keltic closed on August 31st, 2014 — aka the saddest day of my life.

Keltic Krust twitter

Since selling Keltic, David and his wife, Julianne, have been selling Irish breads at the Holliston Suprette and farmer’s market under the label Montgomery’s Authentic Irish Breads. In case you never tried them, David makes possibly the best croissants in the world. I fancy myself as a bit of a croissant man so trust me on this one gang.

David — if you’re reading this, please come back to W. Newton. Not sure if you left because my kids would make a mess every Saturday morning. But they’re older now. And sorry too. Or maybe it was the time Christian bought all the croissants one morning even though he doesn’t like croissants. Whatever we did, we’re sorry. Just come back.