1/28/2016: recap of homeless housing meeting

I could only stay for the first hour of this meeting then had to bounce. Management has a thing with her friends tonight.

I’m gonna recap this real quick for you guys. This will be the first of many meetings on this.

Here’s the deal. CAN DO and the City of Newton have identified this as a site that works to house homeless families because of access to transportation, employment opportunities and social services. Tenants will be selected through a fair housing lottery and pay rent (section 8). Tenants can stay as long as they qualify and will extend their leases on a 12 month basis. CAN DO will provide support via GED and ESL classes, teaching financial literacy, etc.

The existing house was built in 1718 and was originally on Washington St. Moved to current location during Civil War. CAN DO’s architect says house is historical and can’t be altered too much. So they’re proposing to build 2 smaller buildings on the Webster St portion of lot as well. Everyone, including CAN DO, thinks this property is crazy expensive at $6.6M for 9 units. CAN DO has to work with the property seller, city & state to close on the property. Gonna be a long road.

Meeting was packed. Lots of concern over cost and implications to the neighborhood.

My biggest question is why was this house moved during the Civil War? I bet they had like a lot of other stuff going on with the confederates then. I don’t remember hearing about the battle of West Newton so it’s not like they were moving the house outta harms way. Really gotta question this move.

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