1/27/2016: DC street calls out Randlett Park on Facebook

So I guess Randlett Park got called out yesterday on Facebook.

DC had a snowstorm last weekend. Just one. And 17 inches fell at National Airport. People were freaking out. The Mayor actually told people to shelter in place. I thought that term was only used in live shooter situations but I guess not in DC.

Um is this a joke? We’re America’s Favorite Street. We had 110 inches of snow last winter. So many snow day parties I can’t even remember.


These poor people in DC can’t even get the county to plow their street. Honestly I feel bad for them. If they ever go back to work it will take them 4 hours to get there just so they can talk about how the Redskins almost won a playoff game this year.


3 thoughts on “1/27/2016: DC street calls out Randlett Park on Facebook

  1. DC MAT

    The 1st sentence of that article reads like The Onion: “Mary DePompa calls the situation “hell,” with lanes disappearing under mountains of plowed and unplowed snow. “It’s a war zone.””

  2. Mom

    Um-m. The author of this blog did not always feel such distain toward DC/VA’s snow clearance issues. There were many mornings when our bedroom door would crack open at 6:00 AM and his barely restrained bellow would inform us that school was cancelled because of snow! And if it took 5 days to plow a couple of inches (and school remained closed), no problemo. In fact, the only problem on those many snow days was to keep cranking out enough food and hot chocolate to feed Dave and his thundering horde of starving friends as they poured through the kitchen on their way to the video games. Happy memories…

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