1/15/2016: sleepin on the blog

You guys – sorry I’ve been sleepin on the blog. Super busy at work. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get people at work to take me seriously. Told the work bros about my resolution and they had a good laugh. They were like you’ve been here for 5 years — good luck with that.

I fired them both but turns I don’t have that authority. So I had to apologize instead. Resolution is not off to a good start.

Anyway – here’s what I’m working on. If you have a ton of USDs and want to be downtown – I got you.

You can buy this place for $4.7M.

living room 2

Or this place for $3.9M.


Maybe just rent this 1 bed for $6,000/month?


Like lofts? Here you go. $2.350M.


If you gotta a boat buy this place for $2.340M.





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