1/11/2016: 230 Dudley Rd just listed for $10.5M

Yes — you read that right. $10,500,000. Big time price for Newton. 7 bed/6.5 bath home with 8,470 sq/ft and 5 car garage/carriage house. 2.6 acres — place is like an arboretum or something.

230 Dudley

That’s just the front yard you guys. Check out the back. Your guests will have their own house.

230 Dudley backyard2

Inside of the house isn’t really my jam. I mean this isn’t a living room, it’s a parlor. You don’t just give everyone a Coors Light and turn on the game in here. You play the piano for a bit, regale guests with some tales then retire to another room.

230 Dudley living room

230 Dudley bedroom




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