1/7/2016: Burst faucet pipe this morning 

Management woke me up at 5am today and said we have a burst pipe. My first thought was I gotta turn off the water main. My instincts took over and I just reacted so fast – like I was in the military or something.

You’re probably thinking my second thought was thank god Management was up so early to go to TRX core blast spin class or whatever. Nope. I was thinking I’m gonna blog the shit out of this you guys!

So water had been shooting out the front side of the house from the faucet pipe – where we hook up the hose.

I was able to find the water shut off for this pipe in the basement. Weirdly it was the only pipe labeled. So with no water going to the burst pipe, I turned the water main back on and flushed the toilet my kids used immediately.

Kenny from Baker Elman Plumbing came over to look at it. Says no damage was done inside and he needs to cut a small hole in the basement ceiling to access & replace the pipe. Total cost $300-400. Says it can wait til spring.

One thought on “1/7/2016: Burst faucet pipe this morning 

  1. Tom C

    OK – Dave – Dad here. Looks as if you didn’t shut off the hose bibs before winter arrived. If not – sorry we missed this topic in house basic training. Generally good to do it well before the first freeze. Our neighbor had the same problem – same fix – at about the same cost. Any hose bibs in back of the house?

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