1/7/2014: 164 Fairway – 2 car garage?

164 Fairway is still on the market for $1.395M. I think I know why this place hasn’t sold you guys. Being advertised as a 2 car garage.

164 Fairway floorplan

Um that looks like a 1 car garage. With with maybe a ’76 Country Squire parked in it.


But since the garage measures 29′ deep, I guess you could get 2 cars in there.

Here’s how.

Buy a mini cooper and coming flying down Fairway. Preferably going 55-60 MPH. Your’re gonna need speed on this — trust me.

CRANK the emergency break, drifting up the driveway towards the garage.


Be careful drifting into the garage sideways you guys. Not exactly a lot of room to work with. Also check for kids playing in the yard. And don’t drift too far. You don’t want to wind up like the old lady that drove into the side of BSC a few months back.

BSC newton

Now that the mini cooper has come to a complete stop and you are parked sideways in the back of the garage — ease in the Country Squire, leaving 4″ between the 2 vehicles. Congrats amigo — you have yourself a 2 car garage.


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