12/29/2015: Best of RandlettPark.com

So according to WordPress, the top posts of 2015 were all guest blogs. Which I think really says something. About my writing.

Not even gonna get upset about it you guys. I’m still huge in Lebanon. So there’s that.

Most read posts of 2015 were:

4.) March 26th: Guest blog from Tamara — Little Free Library(s) coming to Randlett Park. So Tamara can actually write you guys. Probably obvious to anyone that read this blog. Plus her and her dad, Jim, actually did something cool by building a Little Free Library in her front yard. Do something cool + real actual writing = deadly combo.


3.) Oct. 30th: Ed’s kitchen renovation (part one). Anytime someone takes on a major renovation people want to know what the deal is. Ed’s tearing apart his kitchen. Plus he’s funny. So it’s like useful and amusing at the same time. Why can’t I do that?

Eds kitchen 3

2.) August 11th: Randlett Road Repairs. Remember this? When Dale single-handedly had the road repaired? First she documented all the holes in the street. Then wrote a letter to the City. Then supervised the repair. THEN told me to blog it. Just took it to a hole nother level.

Road repairs

1.) Nov. 29th: Ed’s kitchen renovation (part two). The first blog on the kitchen renovation was so popular everyone was waiting for the next installment. Ed didn’t disappoint. Got into the real nitty gritty on this about construction surprises, setting up the temporary kitchen, etc. All the stuff you guys want to know but were afraid to ask. Maybe we can get another blog out of him?

Ed's sunroom




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