12/18/2015: Worst of RandlettPark.com

So at the end of the year everybody does best & worst lists. One last chance before the new year to tell people hey good work or seriously you really muffed it this year.

Guess I should do a list for RP.com. Cause I seriously muffed some blogs this year.

5.) Jan. 22nd: New Window at Cherry Tree. File this under who gives a shit. Not kidding you guys, I think like 1 person read this. Thanks Mom — you always got my back.


4.) Sept. 15th: Wellington Parkfest. Yawn. This post sucked the big one. Go to a park and have soft drinks & chips with a bunch of people you don’t know? Woof.

3.) April 11th: For all the Randlett speeders. Morning after I wrote this I woke up kinda sad. Management would probably say I was crying. I mean this blog was such a lay up you guys. Everybody hates drivers that speed down Randlett. Blog should have been a rally point for the street. Instead I totally muffed it with my bad writing. Getting dusty just thinking about it. Quoting Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock?


2.) Love Letters. You ever feel like you have eyes on you? Like people are looking at you weird? That’s how I felt after Love Letters. On the street. When I dropped my kid off at Franklin. Shit was weird. And I made it weird with Love Letters. Sorry you guys.

1.) RandlettPark.com reviews 50 Shades of Grey. Regret, regret, regret. Like when you wake up after too many glasses of wine the night before. Or I don’t know jump in someone’s hot tub naked. That’s how I feel about the 50 Shades blogs. And there were 3 of them gang.


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