12/16/2015: Chief Randlett & his Stanley Steamer

The Chief. Circa 1903.

Cheif Randlett

The Chief doesn’t need a fire truck. Or a fire hydrant. Or an oxygen tank to fight fires. He’s got a Stanley Steamer with 4 gallons of water hitched up on the side. Just roll up to the fire, get real close and dump some water on it. Firefighting 101.

You guys know the first Stanley Steamers were made in Newton? Twins Freelan & Francis Stanley started the Stanley Motor Carriage Company around 1900, after selling photographic plates to some company called Eastman Kodak for $500k. This twin cylinder hog had a 10 HP engine. And a front cushion/foot rest for maxing/relaxing. Believe it or not, 3 years later the Steamer would set a world speed record of 127 MPH.

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