12/3/2015: My new kitchen came with a lot of things…

Cabinets, counter tops, appliances.

TV & beer fridge.

New kitchen did not, however, come with heat. Management & I were sitting in the kitchen a few weeks ago going to Cold One City and realized we’d never felt the heat fire up. This is not something we tested when the renovation was completed. It was July you guys.

So I called our contractor Pete and he came out with the plumber George. Here’s the deal gang. We have 2 zones of heat in the house. Basement runs on 1 zone. 1st & 2nd floors run on another. Heat comes from a boiler in the basement through radiators.

Problem is heat’s not getting to the kitchen & new mudroom. Hot water comes from the boiler and snakes through all the radiators in the house. Last stop is the kitchen/mudroom. The hallway radiator next to kitchen isn’t getting water hot enough to pass on. Which is weird because that radiator all of sudden gets super hot.

Pete & George are gonna put the kitchen on it’s own zone of heat. So when the thermostat calls for heat, it gets it. Rather than going the great circle route through the house and stopping in the hallway. We have 2 toe-kick heaters in the kitchen and a baseboard in the mudroom. Hopefully adding a new zone works and I can stop looking at the heaters like um hello?

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