11/6/2015: what’s the deal with West Suburban Electronics in Nonantum?

New segment on AmericasFavoriteStreet.com you guys. I go into local businesses and ask what the deal is. 

Problem with West Suburban Electronics is this place is never open. So there was no one to ask what the deal is. 

So I had to hit the streets looking for answers. If you’ve ever been by this place it’s filled with audio & visual equipment from the 70s & 80s. Kinda place you look at and are like whaaaat? How is this a business?

I mean if you need a tape deck with auto-reverse, yo this is your spot. 6 disc CD changer for dem old slow jams? Aw yeah. Even VCRs if you want to VHS and chill with your boo. 

Turns out this place is a one man shop. Guy named Boris owns it. Chill dude that can fix just about anything. Doesn’t like to spend a lot of time in the store — focuses mainly on fixing stuff. 

So if you got old audio/video equipment you want sold or repaired — call Boris.

11/4/2015: Buy a snow thrower this year. Seriously.

Every year the gang on Upper Randlett tells me the same thing: we’re gonna buy a snow thrower this year. And every year I give you the thumbs up, turn right around and tell Management you are totally full of crap.


I mean why would you? You know I have one. You know I’m gonna clear your sidewalk. Once I start listening to my 90s slow jams I just snow throw all over the place. Jodeci, Guy — you name it.


The Globe is reporting today that we just went through the snowiest decade in Boston’s history. 533 inches since 2005. It’s time to take your ass to Farina’s and get a snow thrower. Do not go anywhere else. Farina’s will put oil and gas in it, show you how to use it, then service it when it breaks.

You need at least a 24″ thrower with a minimum of 8 horsepower. Don’t come back to Randlett with anything less. 5 speed tranny will work. Ariens is a pretty good brand. Get an electric start too — you’ll use it on cold mornings.

Gonna be real here — you’re gonna drop at least $800. But it’s worth it (at least for me). Make this the year you guys.


11/4/2015: 13 Ryan Ct. listed for $2.098M

13 Ryan

13 Ryan Court is a new construction 6 bed/7.5 bath home with 6,069 sq/ft. Ryan Court is located near the split of River St & Auburndale Ave — you know behind the dry cleaner on the corner. $2.098M? Riiight. We’re gonna go ahead and bring in Bill Lumbergh for this one.

Bill Lumbergh

Kitchen is actually nice you guys. Maybe they brought in consultants?

13 Ryan1

Laundry room. BYOB your own washer/dryer. Riiight.

13 Ryan3

Basement sauna. Nice way to relax if Bill makes you work on Saturday.

13 Ryan4

This room in the basement is begging for a copier. What the f does PC load letter mean?

13 Ryan6

Um not sure what’s happening here.

13 Ryan5

Final thoughts Bill?

Bill Lumbergh2

11/3/2015: Tom Brady just walking around Newton Whole Foods last week

So Tom Brady was at the Newton Highlands Whole Foods last week walking around with a giant mask on. Just rolling through the produce section like a boss.

Tom Brady

Actually glad I wasn’t there. It would have gotten weird. Like restraining order weird. If me and Tommy were friends you guys would never hear the end of it. I would be like oh my friend Tommy says the Redskins are in trouble Sunday. Big trouble. Or Tommy & Giselle are so down to earth. Or Tommy & me might go to Vegas during the bye week and meet up with Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck & Matt Damon. Boys weekend.

Anyway — here’s the full video.



11/2/2015: Update on Constantine Place

Sounds like the building will be completed by January. There are 3 commercial spaces on the ground floor — each about 900 sq/ft. The developer has not found any tenants yet for the commercial spaces. So no idea what businesses will be going in there.

Don’t worry you guys — I’ll stay on this and report back when I have news.