11/18/2015: new parking service when you go downtown

So I have a meeting with Luxe Valet Parking next Monday. They’re opening up shop in Boston and need to meet with high-level executives (like myself) that work downtown and are a big deal.


The deal with Luxe is it’s like the Uber of parking. First you download the app to your phone. Then tell Luxe where you’re going downtown. They have a valet waiting for you and take your car when you arrive. The car goes to a company owned lot in the city. They will even fill it with gas and clean it for you. When you’re ready, give Luxe 15 minutes notice and they’ll bring your car back.

How much does this cost? Average hourly rate is $5 (varies by city). Luxe aims to be the same cost or cheaper than regular valet prices.

Gonna give this a shot you guys. I mean I’m super important and don’t have time to waste looking for parking. Did I mention I work downtown?

11/18/2015: 350 Waltham St abandoned

350 Waltham St is abandoned. There’s nobody there you guys.

The owner, John, passed away last November. The property was cleaned out over the summer and is now empty. The house is a 7 bed/2 bath with 2,974 sq/ft. Zero parking at this place. Not even a driveway. New owner’s gonna want to look into that.

Speaking of looking into it, this was me at 350 Waltham this morning…




11/17/2015: What’s the deal with Newton Gaming Center?

Newton Gaming Center in Nonantum. Looks like somewhere you have to register when you’re released from Walpole. What’s the deal with this place?

Some dude named Victor owns this place. Recent Bentley grad. High schoolers, and sadly some adults, go here to play video games like Defense of the Ancients and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Not making this shit up you guys. People actually do this.

Newton Gaming Center draws people from all over because of their LAN. I think this is like business grade internet or something. You go, put on a headset, drink a 32 oz soda and game til the places closes at 11pm.

Newton Gaming Center

Guests pay $7 an hour. Or you can become a member and pay $4 an hour and BYOC (bring your own computer). Newton Gaming Center is available for birthday parties, boot camps & tournament play.

Obviously high school has changed since back in the day. I mean my first date with Management junior year we went to a club in DC til 1am. Still managed to get up the next morning and fail a 1st period geometry test. (You’re welcome Mom & Dad!) If I take her to Newton Gaming Center for our first date we probably don’t get married. We probably don’t even make out.


11/13/2015: local reporter busts interior designer for ripping off clients 

You guys know Ryan. He works for CBS and is on the I Team. They investigate stuff and bust people big time. 

Well Ryan busted the shit out of a Charlestown interior designer who was ripping off her clients. I mean he took this woman downtown. 

Homemade Design is (was) a Charlestown interior design company run by Amanda Zettel. Amanda was taking people’s money to buy furniture. Only problem was nobody ever got furniture. Or their money back from Amanda. 

That’s when Ryan stepped in. I didn’t see anybody else from the I Team in on this. Ryan was probably like yo I Team I got this.  Ryan investigated her website, Facebook page (5000 fake followers) and past dealings in Delaware (not good). Then he found past clients. And guess what? They were totally bullshit. Look at Brian Levinson. Dudes like where’s my dining room table Amanda? 

Ryan called Amanda and I guess she didn’t have much to say. Then he went to her house and caught her on camera. What a move! You guys gotta watch the video. He’s like what did you do with the money Amanda?

Awesome stuff. Nice work Ryan. Full article here.