11/24/2015: West Newton used to be owned by 3 dudes

According to this map from the Newton Free Library, 3 dudes owned all of West Newton in 1700. Check it out. The map below is kinda upside down but West Newton is the bottom right corner, bordered by Waltham.

1700 map of West Newton

Richard Park, John Fuller & Captain Isaac Hayes each owned 500+ acres of what is now West Newton from 1650 – 1700. AD you guys. So who where these early American bosses?

Richard Park left London with his parents on the ship Defence in 1635 for the not quite USandA. How bad do you think that trip sucked? He was a farmer and later inherited 600 acres of land from his father.

John Fuller took the boat over from foggy London town in 1644. Bought 750 acres in West Newton for 160 pounds — not USDs you guys. His tract was known as the Fuller Farm. 22 of his descendants later fought in the Revolutionary War. Check out the happy family — um Dad what is this place America? Dad’s like shut it I think that’s Moses over there.

John Fuller

Captain Isaac Williams was born in 1638 in Roxbury. He owned 500 acres in West Newton. Captain of a troop of horses. See gang — that’s how easy it was back in the day. Buy some horses, tell everyone to call you Captain. Williams was also one of the earliest members of First Church.

Isaac Williams



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