11/20/2015: Heads up — Newton South students driving high

And not like a couple of them. A lot of them you guys. The editor-in-chief at Newton South just posted an article about the prevalence of smoking & driving to the school’s online newspaper, The Denebola. Here’s the link:


And here are some highlights:

  • An unofficial survey of 168 students revealed 87% of marijuana users drive high.
  • “I’ve always been in the car with people who have been high — it’s always been portrayed that it’s so easy,” said senior Alexis Clayton* who has been driving with people who are high or drunk since freshman year.
  • “Once you see someone driving high and not dying you’re kinda like, ‘word.’ All my friends drive high” Goldstein said. “At least one of them would be dead if driving high was bad. I drove high literally the first day I got my license.”

Happy Friday and Go Lions! I mean is there anybody more ready for the weekend than the kids at Newton South? Gotta get high and drive all over town. Totally safe you guys. It’s not like they’re drinking AND smoking. That would be stupid. Just smoking.

What’s the worst that could happen? You drive down the sidewalk and hit somebody standing in front of the Cherry Tree then run your car into the restaurant like this dude? This driver was high. Not drunk. Relax — it’s not like anybody got killed you guys.



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