11/18/2015: new parking service when you go downtown

So I have a meeting with Luxe Valet Parking next Monday. They’re opening up shop in Boston and need to meet with high-level executives (like myself) that work downtown and are a big deal.


The deal with Luxe is it’s like the Uber of parking. First you download the app to your phone. Then tell Luxe where you’re going downtown. They have a valet waiting for you and take your car when you arrive. The car goes to a company owned lot in the city. They will even fill it with gas and clean it for you. When you’re ready, give Luxe 15 minutes notice and they’ll bring your car back.

How much does this cost? Average hourly rate is $5 (varies by city). Luxe aims to be the same cost or cheaper than regular valet prices.

Gonna give this a shot you guys. I mean I’m super important and don’t have time to waste looking for parking. Did I mention I work downtown?

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