11/17/2015: What’s the deal with Newton Gaming Center?

Newton Gaming Center in Nonantum. Looks like somewhere you have to register when you’re released from Walpole. What’s the deal with this place?

Some dude named Victor owns this place. Recent Bentley grad. High schoolers, and sadly some adults, go here to play video games like Defense of the Ancients and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Not making this shit up you guys. People actually do this.

Newton Gaming Center draws people from all over because of their LAN. I think this is like business grade internet or something. You go, put on a headset, drink a 32 oz soda and game til the places closes at 11pm.

Newton Gaming Center

Guests pay $7 an hour. Or you can become a member and pay $4 an hour and BYOC (bring your own computer). Newton Gaming Center is available for birthday parties, boot camps & tournament play.

Obviously high school has changed since back in the day. I mean my first date with Management junior year we went to a club in DC til 1am. Still managed to get up the next morning and fail a 1st period geometry test. (You’re welcome Mom & Dad!) If I take her to Newton Gaming Center for our first date we probably don’t get married. We probably don’t even make out.


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