11/12/2015: 473 Waltham St is an airbnb

Ever wonder what the deal is with this place? Like who lives there? And why?

Well, turns out it’s an airbnb. At least 1 room is. I don’t know or want to know what happens in the other rooms. Bet shit gets weird though.

Woman named Helen rents out a 1 bed/1 bath for $100 per night. Or $2,400/month. So far Helen has 4/5 stars on 29 reviews. Here’s what guests are saying:

“The studio was extremely pleasant and comfortable.” — William

“My friend and I stayed in this studio for 3 months and it was great!” — Nicole

“Helen met us at the door with a box of donuts!” — Margaret (Easter Weekend)

“Le studio est exactement tel que décrit.” — Cindy (um Cindy? You’re on AmericasFavoriteStreet.com – speak American please!)

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