11/4/2015: 13 Ryan Ct. listed for $2.098M

13 Ryan

13 Ryan Court is a new construction 6 bed/7.5 bath home with 6,069 sq/ft. Ryan Court is located near the split of River St & Auburndale Ave — you know behind the dry cleaner on the corner. $2.098M? Riiight. We’re gonna go ahead and bring in Bill Lumbergh for this one.

Bill Lumbergh

Kitchen is actually nice you guys. Maybe they brought in consultants?

13 Ryan1

Laundry room. BYOB your own washer/dryer. Riiight.

13 Ryan3

Basement sauna. Nice way to relax if Bill makes you work on Saturday.

13 Ryan4

This room in the basement is begging for a copier. What the f does PC load letter mean?

13 Ryan6

Um not sure what’s happening here.

13 Ryan5

Final thoughts Bill?

Bill Lumbergh2

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