10/7/2015: 14th Annual Paddy’s Road Race

Reminder you guys that Paddy’s 5K is Sunday, October 18th. One of my favorite West Newton traditions. Everyone in the neighborhood (possibly Eastern Mass) runs by me while I deal with my kids. Then I make up some kind of excuse afterwards on why my time sucked. Tight hammy. Guy dressed as hot dog was distracting me. Allergies.

Field races for little guys start around 9:30am at W. Newton Playground. There’s bouncey houses, face painting, snacks for the kids afterwards. Then the 1k for ages 14 and under at 10am. Big kids race starts at 11:30am. I’ll be in the back of the starting corral.  The way back.

Paddys 5k

After the race, there’s great food, irish music, raffles and awards. Last year I won the guy least likely to win/finish award. Did I mention there’s a beer garden? Um – yeah there is.

See you there!

10/6/2015: 45 Pickwick just listed for $3.744M

45 Pickwick is better than my house. Not a little bit better. A lot better. New construction 5 bed/7.5 bath home with 7,251 sq/ft on almost half an acre. Drink it in gang.

45 Pickwick

Not sure if there’s anything I like more than a nice backyard you guys.

45 Pickwick2

The kitchen is better than mine. And I just shelled out $120k!

45 Pickwick3

Check out this bar. Probably comes with a 30 rack of Coors Light.

45 Pickwick5

One of 7 full bathrooms. Easily nicer than any bathroom in my house.

45 Pickwick6

The basement has a wine cellar, game room, gym & guest suite. My basement has a hot water heater. Sad emoji.


10/6/2015: Real estate market has peaked

I realize this is not a popular thing to say. You guys are probably like whoa kimosabee pump the breaks there. But you need to hear this. Real estate market has peaked.

Things got out of hand the past 2 years. Open houses with 50 people. Homes with 5+ offers. Sellers demanding buyers remove home inspection and financing contingencies. Don’t even get me started on bid wars. 35 Derby sold last year for $190k over asking. Saw the price and was like…


In 2014, the average list price within .5 mile of Randlett was $676k. Homes sold on average $12k above asking. In 2015, the average list price was $840k. Homes sold on average $20k above asking. So home values increased on average $172k in 1 year.

So why this huge increase in value? Did our homes really get that much better? No. Buyers bid up the value of our homes because they were trying to beat out other buyers. Not because they were making offers based on the true value of the home.

But that’s changing. And 29 Vincent is a perfect example.

Nice home that was priced at $879k — near the neighborhood average of $860k. Very busy open house last weekend but didn’t sell. 6 months ago this place would have gotten 5 offers. Not anymore.


Buyers don’t want anything to do with bid wars. They’re starting to take a value-based approach again. This is a good thing. Will lead to a healthier, more balanced market.

10/5/2015: MA Pike/I-95 exits in Weston to be closed through Thursday

Just when you think traffic can’t get any worse — it does!  Thanks to Diane for the heads up on this.


 MassPike/I-95 Exits in Weston to be closed Sun-Tues. overnights

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation will be closing the ramps to the Massachusetts Turnpike from the I-95 interchange in Weston for pavement resurfacing and for bridge repairs.  These closures will continue to take effect on a nightly basis between 11 PM and 5 AM from Sunday, October 4 through Thursday, October 8. There will be no access to I-90 eastbound or westbound from I-95 north or southbound during these closures. The marked detour routes will be in place to direct traffic and are listed as follows:

Heading northbound on I-95 (Rte.128) – to get to I-90 eastbound: Traffic will be detoured to Route 30 westbound, left on Park Rd. to I-90 eastbound onramp.

 I-95 (Rte.128) northbound to I-90 westbound: Detour to Route 30 westbound, right on River Rd. to I-90 westbound onramp.

 Heading southbound on I-95 (Rte.128) to get to I-90 eastbound: Take Exit 24 to Route 30 westbound, left on Park Rd. to I-90 eastbound onramp.

I-95 (Rte.128) southbound to I-90 westbound: Take exit 24 to Route 30, straight through traffic signal to I-90 westbound onramp.

All lanes are scheduled to be open at 5 AM.

Drivers should plan ahead and expect delays during the overnight work hours. MassDOT reminds those traveling in the vicinity to reduce speed and use caution.  Work will be subject to weather conditions.

10/1/2015: Beware of door-to-door salesmen — they are casing your house

Serious blog you guys. On Tuesday night, Laderius Lowe came to my house selling magazines. 22 year old guy from Detroit. Talked to him for about 10 minutes and gave him a check for $50. Seemed nice — trying to help the kid out.

Turns out it’s a scam and he’s casing houses. Lowe was charged with breaking & entering and possession of stolen goods over $250 last week in Reading. I’ve called the police and let them know. Do not talk to this guy!



10/1/2015: Love letters

So Boston.com has a column called Love Letters for people seeking relationship advice. It’s just a goldmine for blogging. Like my boyfriend is cheating but my 2 cats seem really comfortable around him — what should I do? — Confused in Wellesley.

I just can’t pass it up any longer. So occasionally I’m gonna blog Love Letters with some real advice. Here goes:

Regardless of circumstance (for example, the person you’re dating being very recently out of a three-and-a-half-year relationship), what is a reasonable amount of time to “wait” to become exclusive?

It’s been just about five months and we had another drunken discussion about this the other night. He said that he wants “us” but just can’t right now. He feels a great connection with me, thinks we have something really special, is crazy about me – basically acts like my boyfriend, is so sweet, affectionate, giving, etc., but he just isn’t ready to commit yet.

He said that he understands that it’s unfair on my end and wishes he “could give me the world” and doesn’t fault me if I go do my own thing, but that he doesn’t want to lose me and can’t imagine his life without me. He said that he feels totally selfish for essentially saying, “I want this, but just not right now,” but that’s just where he’s at. I feel stuck. I am in love with him and I see a future with him, but I don’t know how long I am supposed to wait. I use the word “supposed” loosely because I know there isn’t a set time, but am I being blind to some other truth here? That he will never commit to me, and that if he really wanted to he would have by now? That he’s stringing me along until something better comes along? Or should I wait this out because of what I think we have?

– Stuck in Boston

Stuck in Boston — guys who say stuff like “I wish I could give you the world” and “I want this, but just not right now” are full of shit. Not like a little full of shit, like all the way full of shit. Think Matt Dillon in Something About Mary.

Matt Dillon

He might say you two have a “great connection” but he’s sleeping with other women. No doubt. Probably has a “great connection” with like 3 other women. I mean it’s been 5 months. If he was gonna commit, he would have done it already. He even told you it was cool if you wanted to sleep around too. This is not a relationship it’s like what happens when you’re on Tinder (I think — Management won’t let me have an account). Stuck in Boston — tell this guy you took his advice, hooked up with another dude and found a “great connection” then never talk to him again.

10/1/2015: 29 Vincent just listed for $879k

29 Vincent is a 3 bed/1.5 bath cape with 1,830 sq/ft. Big yard with almost a 1/4 acre. Looks like the owners have done a great room addition and kept the place up nice. Ceiling fans everywhere AND a hot tub? This place is gonna go fast you guys.

Don’t know where Vincent is? Don’t worry I didn’t either. It’s off Adella. Which by the way, I’ve been hearing great things about lately. Think I may have to take a field trip over to Adella to see how they do things.