10/28/2015: Love letters

I just recently got engaged. My fiancée did not accept my proposal with great enthusiasm. She has only told immediate family of the engagement. She has not told any of her male “friends.” When I am away, I have noticed she talks to these other male “friends” more often. I have confronted her about it and she says they are just friends and that she loves me and she doesn’t want anyone else. So I am very confused.

Should I call off the engagement and move on with my life, or should I stay and see if she really does love me? Also, what should I think about her male friends? Should I be concerned?

– Engaged


Concerned and confused about what amigo? You just got engaged! It’s Coors Light time. I mean so what if she didn’t seem happy. And has a ton of guy friends. And is keeping the engagement on the low. And possibly doesn’t love you.

Time to plan this wedding! Local or destination? Destination weddings are so hot right now. I mean where do you think your fiancee and all her guy friends will want to celebrate the big day? Will her family even come? Will yours? So much to plan but don’t STRESS! This is gonna be UH-MAZING!!

A little advice. Don’t overthink things. (You know you do this!) Enjoy being engaged (?). This is a special time for you, your fiancee and her guy friends. Possibly her family as well if she tells them. None (and I mean zero) of your friends or family think this is a good idea but support you anyway! So next time you’re stressin — don’t. Just crack a cold Coors Light, point to yourself and say this guy’s gettin married.


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