10/14/2015: whats up with traffic on the Mass Pike?

Those of you driving to/from downtown every day know the Mass Pike has been a total shit show lately. Traffic during rush hour is down to 3 lanes each direction. Then down to 2 lanes every night. You can be scooping someone at Logan at 10pm and sit in traffic for an hour. What’s the deal?

MassDOT is re-building the median from Allston tolls in. Yawn. The median used to be a guardrail so MassDot decided to spend 2 years and millions of USDs on re-building. When they’re done with that, MassDOT will re-build the Commonwealth Ave Bridge. Don’t worry you guys, the Comm. Ave. Bridge portion of the project hasn’t even started yet. So it will be at least another 12 months of construction.

Mass Pike

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