9/28/2015: What’s the sale price of Big Red going to be?

So you guys were chirping me at Parktoberfest about the final sale price for Big Red — AKA 399 Waltham — AKA the Samuel Wheat House. Telling me it’s gonna sell for list price of $995k. The home is currently under agreement and scheduled to close Oct. 26th.

399 Waltham1

Not so sure about that you guys. This is a historic house with most of the rear yard already parceled off, sold and developed. Not always easy to find a buyer for a home like this.

So I’m saying the house goes for under $900k. Please keep in mind I’m a licensed real estate professional. I have also recently discovered I may be clairvoyant after several Coors Lights. So I think under $900k. What do you think?

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